Burying the Masters

by Imminent Psychosis

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released June 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Imminent Psychosis Adelaide, Australia

Imminent Psychosis is a 5-piece Thrash Metal act from Adelaide, Australia. Renowned for its live shows and memorable riffs. With a sound akin to Slayer, early Sepultura and Damaged, the band has built up a loyal following of fans both locally and interstate. With a stack of intense gigs and five releases under its belt, the band is cementing its reputation as Australia’s premier Thrash Metal act. ... more

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Track Name: Bones to Dust
Chosen by the few
Born of the elite
Trained from birth
To eradicate life

Moving like a shadow
Never to be seen
Stoic visage
Destroying souls

Your existence will be erased
The ground you walk on will be your grave
Unstoppable force, devastating power
Bones to dust

It has been written
Your death is due
There is no escape
Live in fear

You can sense it
But you are blind
One eye open
It's time to die!

Every step could be your last
Pray your death will come fast
Unrelenting fury, remorseless act
Bones to dust

There will be no trace left of your pathetic life
Your treacherous path has led to your demise
Your lies and corruption have caught up with you
Trapped there is nothing you can do

First strike
To paralyse
You cannot scream
Or close your eyes

Meet your fate
Your life has passed
Nothing is left
Just a memory
Track Name: Endless March
His eyes burned like the setting sun
All hope has faded and gone
Bridges crossed are now destroyed
Time for nothing and no one

Never to turn back
Forever forward
Unrelenting pace
Facing all

Endless March

Every right done has been a wrong
Been living for others way to long

Wrapping himself in a cocoon
Eagerly awaiting the tomb
Resilient until the very end
Flaming wounds that will never mend
It's the only meaning left
The last that needs to be addressed
Burning fury lives deep inside
Torn open emotions cannot hide

Trudging along the beaten path
The final move now has been cast

Endless March
On the Endless March
Track Name: Truth Conquers All
I will let you know now
You can never win
Forcing your will
Deeply wrapped with sin

In your maze of lies
Honesty will prevail
Blindfolding the blind
I'm the hammer to your nail

Open your eyes look inside
The power of true sight
Focused undeterred might
Truth conquers all

I can see your mask
Thinly veiled disguise
Exposing the villain
Hidden in those eyes

Trapped inside your world
Sanity is off the rails
The truth will be unfurled
Cross me and you will fail

Authority isn't truth
Truth is authority
Track Name: Web of Delusion
Corrupt rhetoric from a diseased mind
Outstayed your welcome in this lifetime
Fabricated reality, Distorted truth Inherited traits, born in a noose

Untruths unleashed severing ties
Corroding your judgement with rumour and lies
Rationale deceased, decaying reason
Rotting pedestal, utter treason

Digging your own grave
No sanity left to save
Drenching your senses with confusion
Trapped in a web of delusion

Gouging out your own eyes
In the sewers where you lie
You sharpen knives as backs are turned
Twisting as your fingers are burned

Scripted illusion of malice and bile
Unconscious waves of deceit
Track Name: The Final Embrace
Darker days are now upon us, won't you realise?
Your head is buried in the sand, stand up and open your eyes!

Cannot see, cannot hear
Two hands tighten around you throat, yet you claim you are free
Cannot feel, cannot breathe
Just another deluded drone, living out this fantasy

Longing for demise
Flickering of time
Dwelling on intuitive denial
No turning of the tide
Ebbing of life
Heading for the final embrace

Behind the shadows they operate, pulling all the strings
Mesmerised by the illusion, only terror they bring

Cannot see, cannot hear
Deeply programmed from all the lies from the propaganda machine
Cannot feel, cannot breathe
Inoculated and medicated, welcome to this tyranny

Will the tables be turned?
As all our souls burn!
The slumber of minds
Decide the end of our time

Rise above
Seek the truth

The time is now!!
Track Name: Closer to the Grave
After today, I will be a day closer to the grave
The only positive with existing this day
Was I asked to be born?
A life of anguish I was sworn
Turmoil degrading all senses
Caged by false pretences

Am I wasting my life or is life just a waste?
Been enslaved for too long in this fucking place!

Resolve now has been torn
I reside with the forlorn
Into dark depths i've fallen
This utter curse it is my calling

No exit has been made, wandering these dead paths paved
This will be where my broken body is laid
Threatening the sky
With the vermin is where i'll die
No compatibility with life
Beckoning eternal night

I can't see the light
Serenity has taken flight
Merely existing
As the plague burns within

My last breath in sight
My will has lost this fight
Mortality decays
Descending into oblivion

It isn't mine, with a leash around my neck
Shackled and trapped, to a system corrupt
Track Name: Eternal
The crawling desolation beneath the rotten soil
Harvesting death through insalubrious toil
Drawing in toxins under poisonous sky
In trepidation the cursed mother sighs

It's empty and shadowless, bent on destruction
On evil wings seeking havoc and mayhem

The golden hue withers to grey
Fatal illusion disguised as prey
Deceptively led to the gallows
Hope is lost as you blindly follow

Faith has ebbed away
On this long dark day
Through the dirge he flies
Returning to spread fear and lies
From out of a dire webbed sky
Horrendous screams and cries
Time to run and hide
For the sun, it will not rise

Walking this barren earth
There will be no rebirth

The hand of doom points the way
There will be no resolve from his vilest ways
Blackest respite, coiled to strike
Verse from forked tongues, mesmerise

Plunging humanity into chaos reviled
Drenching morality with sadistic bile
Descent into madness with no return
Harmony destroyed as this world burns
Escape will be attained through your demise
Prayers of atonement drift to the sky
Falling upon deaf and callous ears
Mankind's last chapter is ever lurking near
Track Name: Invocations Dwell Within
I think the time is now
A voice rages in my mind
Can I live without?
I would rather see than live in doubt

If this is my only shot
I will not live with regrets
But you existed
That can't be undone

Demons are unleashed
Gaze as cold as stone
Cursed to hear your name
Invocations dwell within
Tearing at my flesh
Trapped inside my mind
Howling like the wind
Invocations dwell within

Destroying all evidence of you
Burning your essence from my soul
Decisions that have been made
Clawing the skin off my back

I can see you everywhere
Your scent is always in the air
Hanging like a funeral shroud
Wanton deceit is always found
My mandate is finally sealed
Illusory dependance now revealed
Removal of all parasites
Crawling towards pure light

No more!

Punishment internal
Banishment infernal
Track Name: Burying the Masters
Passing the torch with a dying breath
Still standing with meandering reprise
Blueprints inherited, finely sharpened
Spirit of new blood on the winds of demise

As your longing grave beckons!

Rejuvenating the animated corpse
Injecting life into the rotten carcass
Forging forward with long lost power
Adhering to the unrepentant code of the past

Burying the Masters

Now you wallow in mediocrity
As you stain your legacy

The rats follow you blind
Its the end of your time!!!

Past glories will not be redeemed
You try with ebbing strength
One hand grips the edge of your grave
As the tomb is finally sealed

Reside now in eternal slumber
Accept an honourable death
Your name will retain its glory
As we carve your epitaph